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Welcome to Circle of Inner Light . . . heart space . . .  mine, yours, all living entities, our Mother Earth, and the Universe.  Within all these circles of inner light is a commonality of the vibration of life.  ALL LIFE IS SACRED.

Each individuals' Inner Light  burns from the One Great Mystery Source.  This source is Pure Love.  This space is the heart space.  

There are numerous opportunities available through Circle of Inner Light which you may be drawn to as you continue progression on your own spiritual journey.  I invite you to explore this site simply by clicking on the different links.  As you explore, I encourage you to be mindful to listen to your inner guidance of what truly resonates within your heart space.

My name is Virginia.  I am also known as Listens to Wind, a spirit name gifted to me by a Native North American elder.  I know my purpose in this life is to share my abilities, gifts, skills, and talents with whomever is meant to join with me.  My quest has always been to move toward Enlightenment and serve others by inspiring them to keep progressing along on their own personal paths.  

I believe and have felt that "everything happens for a reason" and that people are Divinely Guided to be with who they are meant to be with for whatever period of time. "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3)

Perhaps we will be journeying together. Perhaps together we will experience the interactive dance between teaching, learning, and growing our spiritual life journeys together.  In the Andes, "sonko" is a Quechua word, when used in a greeting means "from my heart to yours". The Quechua word for love is "munay".  

So, I say to you . . . Sonko!  and   Munay!





Circle of Inner Light
Cleveland, Ohio