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The word "bored":  

This is something I am dealing with when I am around the kids/teens I work with. Some frequently (daily ) verbalize, "I'm bored." I reply, "Bored" is just a word. What you are most likely feeling is that you do not know what to do. Let me suggest to you or show you what you could now consider doing." KIDS NOW-A-DAYS HAVE NOT BEEN RAISED TO KNOW HOW TO EXPLORE OUTDOORS, DO SIMPLE CHORES AND HAVE FUN DOING THEM, THE FUN STUFF LIKE BAKING COOKIES AND DIFFERENT CRAFTS, etc. Those of us who are NEVER BORED must be there for/with our young-n's to GROW THEM in a manner that brings them back to creativity and gratitude. If we don't do this . . . many will be aimlessly looking for something to do. One child, one human at a time . . . The kids now seem to only know video games, internet, Facebook, etc. My goodness . . . what would happen if something happened and all the computers were down???!!! There would be a lot of "crazies" pacing because they are all bored!!!!!     (virginia 01/15/2013)

What if . . . the entire world was SILENT (void of talk) for just one day, say for 8 hours?????              (virginia 01/15/2013)


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